Quallity control and inspection of the certified orchards before harvesting

Training and monitoring of the growers – Harvesting

Pruning and spraying according to the EU Regulations and Global Gap Standards.
As of 2017, YAKA has more than 300 growers certified by GLOBAL GAP.

In Yaka region, the cherry is harvested in about 400 hectares with an annual outcome of about 2.000 tones. About 3% of the Greek cherry production is being produced in such a small area. In Greece, the total cherry production is about 80.000 tones from the cultivation of about 14.000 hectares.

The Yaka region, is a suitable environment for different species of cherries with the distinction of the early harvesting time on the first half of May till the mid of July.

Yaka has more than 300 growers certified by the GLOBAL GAP Standards. We follow our certified growers through every stage of the cultivation. From the selection of the trees to be planted, to the pruning, spraying, watering and last but not least the ideal harvesting time our agronomists our always present.